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Instruction Manual for hiring

4 Steps to get things started

Categories for Freelancers

We have divided professionals into three categories skill tags for easy selection. Please go through it carefully before hiring a professional.
  • Gold Colour Skill Tag: Professionals having Gold Colour Skill Tag work with our XEN_REN official team. We have strictly reviewed the skills of these people during their work with us and we highly recommend them.
  • Green Colour Skill Tag: Professionals having Green Colour Skill tags are the people whose employers have reviewed them for their skill.
  • White Colour Skill Tag: Professionals having White Colour Skill Tags are those who self-recommend their skills. They are new and have not completed any project yet
We highly recommend Gold Colour Skill Tags.
Mostly freelancers have Green Colour Skill Tags.
Professionals who are still propagating themselves before actual hiring have White Colour skill Tags.

Posting a Project

  • Post your project with a brief description.
  • Mention the cost of the project and fulfill the payment conditions.
  • If there is any file that you need to share, please upload the attachment for the same with the project

Choosing a Freelancer

  • After posting the project, you need to wait for the candidates to bid for the project.
  • Choose the most optimal freelancer and discuss the job details, including detailing about the deadlines.
  • After getting satisfied with the candidate's skills, award the job to the freelancer.

The final step

  • You have awarded the job to the freelancer successfully. Now, please choose the time log tool from our toolbar.
  • To attract the best candidates, edit and verify your personal information 100%.
  • For screening the work, we recommend How-ever, you are free to choose one as per your comfort.
  • Make sure the payment to the freelancer is strictly according to the contract. You must pay to the freelancer within 40 hour after submission of the job.
  • Please pay the amount first that will be saved with us. The freelancer will get payment only after you approve the job. Follow the instruction to save you from being blacklisted. Enjoy the platform and get your job done quickly.